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Developing Leaders • Driving Sales Growth • Building Teams

Innovative programmes, delivering measurable performance & results

Greenbank build leadership, sales and negotiation capabilities through highly tailored, motivational coaching, training and consultancy.

We are delighted to work in partnership with clients ranging from top 5 global firms to tech start-ups.

True blended learning
delivering sustainable behaviour change

Leveraging the best virtual technology combined with inspirational face-to-face workshops and events.


Outstanding leadership – at all levels of an organisation - has never been more important, for both team engagement and high performance
We leverage the latest leadership research to deliver motivational, inspiring programmes, including:

• Leading diverse teams
• Coaching for peak performance
• Developing change agility


The sales manager is the most important member of your sales force. How they recruit, motivate and coach their teams will make or break your results!
Proven approaches for sales leaders to drive performance, through:

• Maintaining the motivation and energy of the sales team

• Helping them become powerful sales coaches

• Developing playbooks and sales toolsy for your sales enablement team


Professional negotiation skills are the life blood of a successful business
Our inspirational negotiation programmes are essential for any salesperson, project manager or consultant

• Providing participants with the skills, confidence and strategy to face the toughest procurement specialists

• Encouraging ambitious negotiation to maximise margins, whilst maintaining relationships


In today’s complex business world, clients expect you to really understand their specific business and demonstrate the tangible value you can deliver to them.

Your salespeople need to deliver this!
Our programmes provide salespeople with the skills, confidence and tools to be successful in complex sales

• Ensuring that tangible business value is the focus of all customer interactions (meetings, proposals, pitches etc)

• Powerfully demonstrating how their solution meets the client’s specific business needs


360° degree feedback provides an amazing insight into a professional’s strengths and development areas, allowing them to focus on the actions they need to take to be more successful.
We have developed our own platform, Navigator 360, which delivers easy to understand, high-impact reports that can quickly be turned into actionable development plans.
We work with clients to

• Develop surveys for specific groups

• Launch and implement an effective diagnostic project that fully engages individuals in the 360 process

• Provide feedback and coaching to support their ongoing development


Understanding your own natural ‘style’ – and being able to adapt your approach when working with people who are different to you – is an increasingly vital skill for leaders, salespeople and indeed everyone in your business!
Insights Discovery is a multi-lingual psychometric tool, which helps people better understand both themselves & others. It uses an easy-to-understand four colour model to help people appreciate their personal style, their strengths and the value they bring to the team. It allows individuals to immediately build more effective relationships with colleagues, customers, and key stakeholders

Client Stories


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There is a real acceptance that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to selling simply doesn’t work anymore – not unreasonably, customers and prospects have increasing expectations that a salesperson should tailor their pitch to them.
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Who we are

Greenbank is led by Judith & Ian Hirst, who personally deliver many of our programmes. We also work alongside a number of trusted associates from around the world who gives us global reach and add a wealth of experience, specialist knowledge and passion to the work we do.