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Developing Leaders • Driving Sales Growth • Building Teams

Innovative programmes, delivering measurable performance & results

Greenbank are a boutique consultancy, building leadership, sales, and negotiation capabilities through highly tailored, motivational training, coaching and consultancy programmes.

We are honoured to work in partnership with clients ranging from top 5 global firms to tech start-ups.

True blended learning
delivering sustainable behaviour change

Leveraging the best virtual technology combined with inspirational face-to-face workshops and events.

Innovative Leadership Programmes

We leverage the very latest leadership research to deliver inspiring, yet practical programmes, including:

  • Developing self-leadership & resilience
  • Building a range of leadership styles
  • Coaching for peak performance
  • Developing change agility

Driving Sales Leadership Performance

We work with sales leaders to help them drive sales performance, through:

  • Helping them become expert sales coaches – developing and motivating their team
  • Understanding how to drive individual sales performance
  • Working with your sales enablement team to develop effective playbooks and sales tools

Win-Win Negotiation Workshops

Our inspirational negotiation programmes are essential for any salesperson, project manager or consultant

  • Providing professionals with the skills, confidence and strategy to face the toughest procurement specialists
  • Encouraging ambitious negotiation to maximise margins, whilst maintaining relationships

Value-Based Sales Training

Our interactive, tailored sales programmes provide business developers with the influencing skills, confidence and tools to build a strong pipeline and successfully close complex sales

  • Ensuring that tangible business value is the focus of all customer interactions
  • Delivering proposals and pitches that influence and win business
  • Clearly differentiating your approach from competitors

Industry-Leading 360° Feedback

Over the last 20 years, we have developed our own amazing platform, Navigator 360, which provides the ultimate in 360 feedback and is used by leading business schools

  • No restrictions - completely tailorable
  • Out of the box or design your own projects
  • Easy to understand, high-impact reports that can quickly be turned into actionable development plans

Insights Discovery

Understanding your own natural ‘style’ – and being able to adapt your approach when working with people who are different to you – is an increasingly vital skill for leaders, salespeople and indeed everyone in your business!

  • We have been strategic partners of Insights for 22 years and often incorporate their wonderful Insights Discovery tool into our programmes.
  • It uses an easy-to-understand four colour model to help people appreciate their natural strengths, the value they bring to the team – and how to adapt their style to others!

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Who we are

Greenbank is led by Judith & Ian Hirst, who personally deliver many of our programmes. We also work alongside a number of trusted associates from around the world who gives us global reach and add a wealth of experience, specialist knowledge and passion to the work we do.